Miss & Mister de l'Ouest 72


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Saison 2021/2022 - cours animé par Maurice

il y a 5 mois par Adelraiser

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Date Nouvelles chorés Révisions
12/01/2022 Eyes on you Born to be great, Bosa nova, Endless, ordinary day, Dust, By and by, (+danse du soir) All about a woman .
05/01/2022 Dust The little farmer, Go Country, Forge Ahead, Seven, Nothing but you, get get get to livin', (+ danse du soir).
15/12/2021 Jingle Bell Rock When you smile, Telepathy, get get get to livin', Backroad Nation, Corn, ordinary day, Endless, Double s, Oh Me Oh My Oh, These old boots (modifié)
08/12/2021 get get get to livin' Corn, ordinary day, These old boots (modifié avec exercice pour oreilles musicale) Endless, Home By Bearna, Joana, (danse du soir) Things .
01/12/2021 Endless The little farmer, Corn, ordinary day, Go Country, Soldier, ( danse du soir ) Happy Happy Happy .
24/11/2021 ordinary day Born to be great, Corn, The little farmer, Doctor doctor, Oh Me Oh My Oh, ( danse du soir ) The long way home .
17/11/2021 Corn Nashv'illac country, The little farmer, Oh Me Oh My Oh, LocashDamn, Double s, Hollibobs .(+ danse du soir)
10/11/2021 The little farmer Go Country, Oh Me Oh My Oh, Forge Ahead, Telepathy, Backroad Nation, Wanna getcha, When you smile (+ danse du soir)
20/10/2021 Go Country (pot commun Sarthe) When you smile, Forge Ahead, Oh Me Oh My Oh, Locash, Backroad Nation, Codigo, Tell the world, Whole again .
13/10/2021 Oh Me Oh My Oh Desirable, Fine, These old boots, Forge Ahead, Lonely Drum, Telepathy, (danse du soir) Another Country .
06/10/2021 Forge Ahead (pot commun Sarthe) All about a woman, Telepathy, Temple bar, Backroad Nation, Double s, Down, (+ danse du soir) Half a cha .
29/09/2021 My everything, Double s, By and by, Telepathy, Backroad Nation, When you smile, Wanna getcha, Lay low, Ghost town .
22/09/2021 Backroad Nation (pot commun Sarthe) Road house rock, Telepathy, Born to be great, When you smile, Double s, seven two, Things
15/09/2021 Telepathy (danse vintage pot commun Sarthe) Another Country, These old boots, Lonely Drum, When you smile, Double s, Desirable, Fine .
08/09/2021 When you smile  (pot commun sarthe)
Take me home, These old boots, Double s, Wanna getcha, Locash, Nothing but you, Clear isabel .
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Image d'entête
Image d'entête

Saison 2019/2020 - cours animé par Maurice

il y a 2 ans par Adelraiser

cliquez sur le nom de la danse pour accéder à la fiche et la vidéo

Date Nouvelles chorés Révisions
11/03/2020 Born to be great, Girl in a cowboy hat, Summer fly, seven two, These old boots, Damn (48 comptes) , Mountains to the sea, Soldier, Things
04/03/2020 Born to be great, These old boots Go cat go, Girl in a cowboy hat, Old and grey, seven two, Nothing but you, Bring on the good times, Whole again
12/02/2020 Road house rock, Girl in a cowboy hat, California blue, seven two, Doctor doctor, On the waves, Old and grey, Desirable, My everything
05/02/2020 Girl in a cowboy hat Special delivery, seven two, Codigo, Nothing but you, Fine, Down, By and by, Old and grey
29/01/2020 Road house rock, Old and grey, Break it back down, Nothing but you, Drinking with dolly, Gypsy queen, Seven two, Alice, The harvester
22/01/2020 Old and grey All about a womanCan't go wrongNothing but youGo shantyHold the line, seven two, Ghost town, Sweet caroline
15/01/2020 Seven two (danse festival) Joke, Nothing but you, Snap, Temple bar, Day of the dead, Clear isabel, Story, An absolute dream
18/12/2019 Nothing but you de Darren Bayley (PC Sarthe 2019/2020) Codigo,  Fine, Crash and burn,  By and by, Hello heart, Another country, Tell the world, Finalement
11/12/2019 Rain, FineDown, Things,  By and byHeard you in a song, The bank of the roses,  Ghost town, Codigo,  Half a cha
04/12/2019 Fine Désirable, Lonely drum, I be you be, Seven, Hollibobs, Spécial Delivery, Nashv'illac country

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