Miss & Mister de l'Ouest 72


Saison 2022/2023 - cours animé par Alain

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il y a 8 mois par Adelraiser

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Date Nouvelles chorés Révisions

Always humbleDancing in the CountryWonderSame songUpGet UpTick TockMartha DivineHonky Tonk FloorRoad To Errogie

Dancing in the Country

Good taste in womenGet UpTil you can'tRoad To ErrogieNickajackMama & me

Heads or TailsAlways humbleCoffee Days and Whiskey Nights

The differenceSweat and dustSame songMartha DivineTil you can'tRoad To Errogie

Without meDim the lights5 o'clock danceHonky Tonk FloorUpNo hard feelingsRoad To ErrogieNickajack


2 stepping awayWonderKnock offGet UpHere we go

Road To Errogie (inter)

Mama & meTouristDallas cowgirlTick TockSame song5 o'clock dance

Back to the start (débutant)

5 o'clock dance (inter)

2 stepping away (novice)

02/05/2023 Révisions pour notre bal annuel

Knock offGet UpWonderSame songUpHonky Tonk FloorCity of musicDim the lights

Wonder de Laura Jones & Pol F Ryan

Sweat and dustDim the lightsSomething you loveGoodbye JuneTil you can't

Dim the lights de Simon Ward & Maddison Glover

Without meHappy is as happy doesUpTick Tock,  Daytona,  SandMartha DivineTrainBoots are shakingIrish Whiskey

Irish Whiskey de Arnaud Marraffa & Gaelle Renard

Mama & meUpSame songGet UpHappy is as happy doesHonky Tonk FloorNo hard feelings

Same song de Ivonne Verhagen, JP Barrois, Arnaud Marraffa, Giseppe Scaccianoce et Gudrun schneider

Make this dayHappy is as happy doesTick TockKnock offUpGet Up

Up de Bruno Morel

Country thunderGet UpBoots are shakingNo hard feelingsTHELMA & LOUISEWithout meHonky Tonk Floor

Get Up (pot commun Pays de la Loire 2022-2023)

TouristTick TockKnock offMake this day,  Mama & meNo hard feelings

Tick Tock de Gabi Ibanez & Paqui Monroy

Here we goKnock offGoodbye JuneDaytona SandMake this dayCome in

Knock off (pot commun Pays de la Loire 2022-2023)

Boots are shakingTouristSweat and dustMartha DivineHonky Tonk FloorWithout me

Honky Tonk Floor de Rob Fowler & Agnès Gauthier

Small Town Summer11 beersTrain,Dallas cowgirlWithout meMama & meDaytona Sand

No hard feelings de Lisa M.Johns-Grose & Gwen Walker

Without me de Marie-Claude Gil

Mama & meTil you can'tBoots are shakingMake this day11 beers

Make this day (pot commun Sarthe 2022-2023)

11 beers (pot commun Indre et Loire 2022-2023)

TouristMama & meBoots are shakingGypsy Rosa LiMartha Divine

Mama & me de Gary O'Reilly

Dallas cowgirlTouristSweat and dustDaytona SandCrazy what a song can doTHELMA & LOUISEBoots are shakingStrait to the bar

Cours Commun.

Révision diverses danses. Intoxicating, Devil, Heave away, Boots are shaking, Done, Here we go, Last day of september, Children of Summer, Martha DivineWellerman AB, No hard feelings, Station 4, Goodbye June, whiskey and rain, Dallas cowgirl, The road, Same Boat, Daytona Sand, Jingle Bell Rock, Where are we Going, Cowboy madison

Dallas cowgirl de Marie Claude Gil

whiskey and rain (pot commun Sarthe 2022-2023)

Boots are shakingTouristMartha DivineGoodbye June
29/11/2022 Boots are shaking de Rob Fowler ordinary dayInto the darknightSomething you loveTouristSweat and dust
22/11/2022 Tourist (pot commun Indre et Loire 2022-2023) Another night like thisSweet IrelandSweat and dustRaised like thatDaytona SandHere we go
15/11/2022 Sweat and dust (pot commun Sarthe 2022-2023) Bridges runGoodbye JuneDaytona SandGypsy Rosa Li
08/11/2022 Gypsy Rosa Li (pot commun vintage Sarthe 2022-2023) Here we goThose were the nightsThe differenceMartha DivineDaytona SandTil you can't

Here we goDaytona SandGoodbye JuneMartha DivineBridges runRaised like thatTrainTHELMA & LOUISE

Daytona Sand (pot commun Sarthe 2022-2023)

Bridges runMartha DivineA country highCome inWintergreenCountry thunderGoodbye June

Bridges run de Valérie Del Campo

Crazy what a song can doMartha DivineBound ta git downGoodbye JuneSmall Town SummerHere we go

Martha Divine de Tina Argyle

Here we goSweet IrelandGoodbye JunePick her up

Goodbye June de Tomiati Walter

Off the beaten trackAnother night like thisMoney's all goneTil you can'tHere we go

Last day of september de Evelyne & Richard Muller

Here we go (pot commun Sarthe 2022-2023)

Sweet IrelandRaised like thatCome inTrainInto the darknight